+ What are all the steps to becoming a Fellow?

The entire selection process is:
1. Application >> 2. Self-Assessment >> 3. In-Person Interview >> 4. Acceptance.
More details are included on the first page of your application packet, which you can find here.

+ How will I know if I made it to the next round?

ALL applicants will receive notice of their application status via email. If for some reason you've submitted an application and did not receive notice, it is possible an incorrect email has been submitted. Please use the form below to let us know so we can ensure we have your application.

+ Who can apply?

You can find complete eligibility requirements here.

+ Can I refer a friend?

Yes! We absolutely invite everyone to spread the word! As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, all are welcome to apply.

+ Can I apply more than one time per year?

Yes. If you have applied to an earlier season and were not accepted, you are welcome to re-apply. Drive Change enrolls 2 times per year.


+ Can I fax my application?

Unfortunately not. We do not have a fax machine at Drive Change.

+ What do I need to hand in with my application?

You can find complete instructions on the first page of the application packet. To download the application packet, click here.

+ What is a TABE test and where can I get it?

The TABE test screens for foundational math, reading and language skills. At Drive Change you will be required to function at minimum 8th grade level in reading and math.

Many educational organizations offer this test and may be able to provide one for you.

If you still cannot access one, please write a short paragraph explaining why you are unable to obtain this and send that as an attachment.

As a reminder you only need a TABE if you do not have a HS diploma/GED/TASC.

+ I don't have anyone that can write a personal reference letter for me. What should I do?

Please write a short paragraph explaning why you are unable to obtain this letter and send that as an attachment.


+ When is the application deadline?

Deadline for applications is Monday, April 30 by midnight. But don't delay! The application period may close sooner if we hit our maximum allowance before that date.

+ How long will everything take?

The entire selection process is 10 weeks. This is from the start of when applications open, all the way through to the first day of Fellowship.

+ What is the time commitment of the Fellowship?

All Fellows will be scheduled for 35+hrs/wk for 1 year. As a reminder, it is a paid opportunity. You can learn more about the Fellowship throughout this website as well as during future rounds for applicants who proceed.

Still have questions?

Just ask us, we’re happy to talk about our program.