Hospitality and Impact are embedded in all we do, and fuel the Drive Change mission.


Drive Change Foods is a food service experience that practices the philosophy of hospitality for social justice. We utilize our food business as a tool to raise awareness about injustices inside of the system, as well as provide access to healthy food for communities that are food insecure. We do this by using our foodtruck to host monthly initiatives: Awareness Events and Access Events (A+A).

Awareness Events: On this day, our purpose is to raise awareness about an important social justice issue (we focus on 4 core issues per year). One of the major components of this campaign is that a  signature dish, reflective of the highlighted social justice issue, will be created by a system-impacted chef. On the day of the event, we offer this dish to the first 300 customers at a pay-as-you-can suggested rate.

Access Events: On this day, Drive Change will offer free food and dialogue about the intersection between food justice and criminal justice to 1 neighborhood/community that is food insecure. Drive Change will go back to the same neighborhood for 3 months in a row (4 neighborhoods per year).